Emergency Lighting

Light the way in an emergency

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting directs your staff to the nearest exits, helping everyone to evacuate safely. 

Emergency lights are required in commercial establishments by law. A.T. Alarms design, install and maintain all required emergency lighting products to comply with the current British Standards.

We provide customers across the UK, including Nottingham, with maintained emergency lighting, non-maintained emergency lights and emergency exit signs.

Maintained emergency lighting

These systems double as regular commercial lighting and emergency lighting. They will light the building as normal and will continue to illuminate in the event of a power outage. Ideal for theatres, shopping centres and cinemas.

Non-maintained emergency lighting

These systems only illuminate in the event of a power outage. The system is linked to the building’s circuitry and automatically illuminates when the main power source fails. This is to ensure that emergency exit routes are visible. Ideal for offices and factories.

Emergency exit signs

These can be illuminated so that they are visible in the dark. Emergency exit signs can be maintained or non-maintained but non-maintained exit lights should be reserved for areas where occupants are familiar with the layout of the escape routes.

We can help identify the emergency lighting systems you need. Our team will assess your premises and get to know your business to establish which services are required to maximise security and safety. A.T. Alarm is an NSI-Gold accredited installer of emergency lighting, certifying our high standards of workmanship, care and customer service. We install our products with minimum disruption to your business and will continue to support you with periodic servicing and maintenance. We also offer a 24/7 callout service should your emergency lighting need immediate attention.

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