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4K Cameras

Delivering 4K ultra high definition images in controlled settings is maybe simple, yet the typical surveillance application is challenged by moving objects, variable lighting conditions and bandwidth limitations for transmitting video. That’s why we offer a 4K ultra HD solution which takes such limitations into account, covering a large area and identifying objects even at a great distance.

Our IP ultra cameras offer 12 megapixel or 4K ultra HD resolution to deliver amazing detail even when zoomed-in. Its incredibly high frame rate of 20 fps at 12 megapixels and 30 fps at 4K ultra HD lets you capture fast moving objects in high resolutions. This speed and these resolutions provide the level of detail that makes the difference when collecting evidence. The images produced are perfect for a detailed and effective retrospective analysis.

The camera’s ability to give a wide-angle overview and multiple focus points on a single screen helps you focus on details without losing the bigger picture.

Special features take the 4K ultra HD cameras to the next level. They are equipped with intelligent techniques to improve quality and lower the costs of video surveillance. Intelligent Auto Exposure (IAE) accounts for superb front and backlight compensation, providing you with the perfect exposure every time. Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) tracks and focuses on relevant situations, and adds sense and structure to video allowing you to quickly retrieve the correct data. Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) reduces bitrate by up to 50% to significantly reduce storage costs and network strain without compromising video quality.

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