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Intruder Alarms FAQs

What is the best type of intruder alarm?

There is no single best type of alarm. The best type of alarm for you will depend on various factors. Our expert team offers a tailored solution to ensure you always receive the best security alarms for your needs.

What is NSI Gold?

NSI Gold is the accreditation awarded to companies who meet the security industry’s highest technical standards. You should always use a security company with NSI Gold accreditation for a trusted service.

Will my security system work during a power cut?

Yes. All our security systems use a backup battery to keep them operating as normal during a power cut.

What are the benefits of a monitored burglar alarm system?

Monitored burglar alarms ensure your premises are monitored 24/7. This means that a suitable response can be taken to an activated alarm even if nobody is on the premises.

How long does it take to install an alarm system?

The length of installation will depend on the type of alarm being installed and the size of your premises. Most domestic alarm systems will be completed in a single day.

Can I control my security system with my phone?

Yes, many of our security systems are compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Will I get a discount on my home insurance if I install an alarm?

This will depend on your insurance company, but most will offer you a discount on your home insurance premium if you have an alarm installed. You will need to speak with your insurance provider for clarification

What is a hybrid alarm system?

Hybrid alarm systems are part wired and part wireless. They are useful options for when some of the system can be wired easily but other components are installed in hard-to-wire areas.

Do you offer emergency maintenance?

Yes, we strive to keep your intruder alarm system functional at all times. That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Can multiple users control the alarm system?

Yes, each system can be programmed to allow multiple users control over the security features of the system if you so wish, and remote PC support can also be included.


A.T. Alarms is a leading provider of intruder alarm systems across the UK. Our experienced team supplies, installs and maintains high quality security systems for homes and businesses. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring you receive the right security equipment for your needs. From hybrid intruder alarms to monitored systems, we have everything you need to stay safe.

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