House Alarm Keeps Going Off: What To Do

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House Alarm Keeps Going Off: What To Do

We’ve all been there: there’s an alarm repeatedly going off somewhere nearby, usually a house or car alarm. Deep inside, we know we ought to do something about it – after all, it is very annoying – but we’re too busy, or we decide that it’s someone else’s problem, that someone will surely have called the police by now. But it keeps going off and we keep getting that little bit more annoyed.

This month, the team at A.T. Alarms is taking a look at this perennial problem and asking the question: what should you do when a house alarm keeps going off?

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If your neighbour’s house alarm keeps going off

Put yourself in the position of the homeowner concerned: if there was an alarm going off in your home, wouldn’t you hope that one of your neighbours would want to make sure that your property wasn’t in the process of being burgled? If so, then we should all offer our friends and neighbours the same courtesy.

However, it’s not worth contacting the police immediately unless you notice suspicious activity – according to Nottinghamshire Police’s website, they won’t respond to every call about an alarm going off simply because they get so many.

So, the first thing to do is to try and contact the property owner to let them know the problem; if you can’t get hold of them, take a quick look and see if there are any signs of disturbance or forced entry. If you do see something, contact the police, never try to tackle the problem directly yourself.

Why does it happen?

If, however, it’s your own alarm that keeps going off and there are no obvious causes, there are a number of factors to consider that might be causing the problem. Perhaps the system involved is showing signs of wear and tear and needs to be serviced, or perhaps it’s just old and needs replacing. If it goes off while you’re out and you’ve left a window open, it might be because the wind is causing something to blow in front of a sensor. It’s also worth making sure the area around your sensors are kept as clean as possible – a particularly large house spider setting up home in the immediate area might just be enough to set off it off!

House alarm keeps going off after a power cut

This is one of the more common causes of a persistent house alarm. There should be a battery-powered backup system, but as many homeowners are unaware of them – or forget about them – the batteries often turn out to be dead. To prevent this problem, then, it’s worth making regular checks that your alarm’s batteries are still working, exactly as you should with your smoke alarm.

When it comes to home security systems, prevention is always better than cure, so to put a stop to these kinds of problems it’s best to have high-quality security equipment installed and your subsequent house alarm maintenance carried out by a company with a good local reputation.

At A.T. Alarms, we fit state-of-the-art alarm systems that can be monitored 24/7 so that you, a nominated keyholder, or if necessary the police can be quickly contacted should your system detect a potential break-in.

Don’t take chances with your most valuable possession – keep your home protected. Contact A.T. Alarms today to find out more.


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