Wireless Vs Wired Alarm Systems

Wireless Vs Wired Alarm Systems

There are pros and cons to both wired and wireless systems. Wired systems often seem more cost-effective and may be the preferred option for the end user, but often the installation is more complex and takes considerably more time.

The main benefits of a wireless system are that it is much easier to install and doesn’t require wires to be run through the property, which is often a big plus for homeowners. The end user can also take the system with them when they move house.

As technology in the security alarm industry develops, even better wireless technology is becoming available, with additional accessories and gadgets. The home automation market is set to grow in the next few years and security will be a big part of this. Wireless is almost certainly the way forward; however, it’s still important to be able to offer both wireless and wired products to suit the specific needs of your customers.

A.T. Alarms offer a full range of wireless devices on its SecureWave platform – The intrusion detectors include motion, vibration and contact sensors while the life safety devices include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. The range also includes dual push wireless panic buttons, secure key fob and wireless keypad (complete with audio and visual display) in addition to internal and external warning devices.

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